About Us

Vie Jewelry Co. is a Canadian based pure .999 silver jewelry retailer specializing in chain necklaces. At Vie Jewelry we believe in the natural elegance of pure .999 silver. Once you put on one of our chains, you will feel that it is different from the rest.  

At Vie Jewelry, we believe in three core objectives: Quality, Trust, and Value.

- Quality -

The quality of our jewelry will never be compromised as Vie makes a promise that our silver is never diluted or blended with lower grade metals such as nickel or copper. We have our silver tested and certified for all of our inventory.

- Trust -

As it is a requirement in Canada, you will see that our chain necklaces are marked with a .999 silver quality engraving along with our "VIE" trademark so you can find the origin of your jewelry. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. We intend to never lose your trust.

- Value -

We believe in bringing as much value to our customers by not only providing competitive prices but also providing first-class service. We are able to provide excellent prices because we deal directly with our manufacturer to pass the savings on to you!

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