Our .999 Fine Silver

We want to be completely honest with you so that you have full confidence you are ordering one of the finest pure silver jewelry pieces available.  Our manufacturing process produces pure silver necklaces strong enough for jewelry.  With proper care, you will not have to worry about your chain falling apart ever!

    Shines Brighter

    Silver carries a more white appearance than gold or platinum. Polished pure silver can reflect up to 90% of natural light.

    Does Not Tarnish as Easily

    Over time, all silver jewelry can tarnish. Since pure silver has fewer other metals, it is less likely to tarnish.


    Pure silver is hypoallergenic unlike other variations of silver that can contain other metals that can cause allergic reactions.


    Pure silver is a softer material, but with the latest technologies we are able to manufacture pure silver necklaces strong enough to handle daily use.


    Pure silver does not cost much more than sterling silver and is considered to be a more economic alternative to gold or platinum. Due to its purity, pure silver carries a higher resale value than sterling silver.

    How to tell if your jewelry is .999 silver

    The clasp.  The first sign that your jewelry is .999 silver is if the clasp is bendable.  The metal is softer than sterling silver which allows the clasp to bendable.

    - The stamp.  All fine silver jewelry sold in Canada must be marked with a quality engraving as well as a trademarked logo.  If you see .999 marked on your necklace it is pure .999 silver or if you see .925 it is sterling silver.

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