Pure Silver Care

Keeping your pure silver necklaces in an air tight cool dry place is the best preventative measure.  Wearing it also helps too!

Unfortunately even pure silver will tarnish in certain conditions.  (We haven't seen it tarnish yet in Vancouver!) We have learned that tarnishing of silver can be dependent on particulates in the air.  In certain areas where air pollution is higher you may see some early signs of tarnishing which is is slightly yellow.  It is the sulphur dioxide in the air that reacts to the silver and can cause some discolouration.  

We have tested and found that Tarn-X works the best to revive your necklace back to new.  You can buy Tarn-X for $5.00-$10.00 at your local big box stores like Walmart.  Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and will not harm your Vie silver necklace.  The bottle looks like this:

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